Bob Dylan needs to save from himself, and call time on The Never Ending Tour

For the purpose of an experiment go and gather all of your prized possessions. Now walk to the window, toss them onto the street and run wild-eyed down the stairs with a can of petrol in hand. Dance around the heap, douse it in the flammable liquid before striking a match in the full glare of your (quite possibly terrified) neighbours.

Debbie Harry: ‘Maybe sexual explicitness has come of age’

Debbie Harry doesn’t believe in harbouring regrets. “I have made many, many errors, but nobody leads a perfect life,” she reflects down the telephone from New York. “So, should I regret anything? No. It is a waste of time. It really is a waste of time.” Dial back to the turn of the 70s and the life that Harry led before fronting Blondie – prior to her image being burned onto the retina of popular culture – was colourful to say the least.

Set Visit: Disturbing New British Psychological Thriller 'The Holly Kane Experiment' | Front Row Reviews

It is a grey, chilly winter’s day and we’re looking out at a 360 degree rooftop view of the ever-changing London sky line. Situated on the eleventh floor, and in the confines of a penthouse apartment, we, the gaggle of press in attendance, note the presence of a hot tub resting in the middle of this rooftop space as we observe the impressive panorama.
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