Shakira on dark days, angry poetry and bounceback for the El Dorado Tour

In October 2017, Latin pop superstar Shakira was wrapping up five months of arduous rehearsals in preparation for her ‘El Dorado’ world tour when she suddenly felt a bit hoarse. A few days later, Shakira’s opening show in Cologne, Germany, was cancelled on advice of her doctors, who diagnosed her with strained vocal chords.

Bob Dylan needs to save from himself, and call time on The Never Ending Tour

For the purpose of an experiment go and gather all of your prized possessions. Now walk to the window, toss them onto the street and run wild-eyed down the stairs with a can of petrol in hand. Dance around the heap, douse it in the flammable liquid before striking a match in the full glare of your (quite possibly terrified) neighbours.

Primavera Sound 2015 round-up: the winners, the losers and the best of the rest

Amid the vibrant streets of the Catalan capital of Spain, Primavera Sound has closed shop. It will have cleaned up its plastic pint glass-covered paving and coiled up its final microphone cable. It will no doubt (still) be nursing a hangover from celebrations that marked fifteen years since its genesis. The celebrations were big. The celebrations were special. By all accounts, according to festival veterans (this writer isn’t one; testimony came from his company), this was a vintage year.