Dreaming Walls – first-look review

Maya Duverdier and Amelie Van Elmbt investigate the legacy and current precarious state of one of New York’s most enduring cultural landmarks. “I’ve always liked to be where the big guys were,” says a young, Horses-era Patti Smith from the roof of New York’s Chelsea Hotel. For over a hundred years, the towering Manhattan residence was a magnet for artists, actors, and musicians. Oscar Wilde, Janis Joplin, Salvador Dali, Arthur C Clarke, to name a few, all stayed there. Leonard Cohen immortalise

Review of Abel Ferrara's "Sportin' Life"

Showcased outside of competition at the 77th Biennale, Abel Ferrara’s documentary Sportin’ Life is a 65-minute cluster of odds, ends and archive footage set against the backdrop of both promotional duties at the Berlinale for his feature, Siberia, and the unfolding Coronavirus pandemic that eventually shut the entire world down. The Berlinale branch of the exercise was originally intended as the sole focus. Ferrara’s unmistakable drawl sets forth his intention to a curious journalist thrown by

Review of Siji Awoyinka's documentary "Elder's Corner" (2020)

The tumult Nigeria has faced in the post-World War II era makes for sober reading. From new-dawn optimism following liberation from colonial rule in 1960, to the bloodshed of the 67-70 Biafran War and the subsequent see-saw between military and civilian rule, Nigeria has been far from politically steady. A constant amid the frequent chaos, however, has been the brilliance of the country’s music, which has continued to course through the nation’s veins irrepressibly and defiantly; a flickering f
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